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Prayer Requests

Pray for any of these requests and click the "I Prayed" button to inform the user know that somebody prayed.
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No more delay

Submitted by: Ann Sunday
Prayed for 31 times
God should completely set me free from set back,stagnation,delay,and I need God’s divine restoration..
Received April 11, 2019

repossessing my territory

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 34 times
After a long struggle with divorce case with my husband the final judgement was issued in favour of me and our kids. My ex husband was ordered to vacate the marital home for me and the kids to possess. He quickly married his new wife and then vacated the home but he removed the fencing around the home. We have just started living in the home with the kids and whilst working on refencing the home, he comes now with claims that we are taking land that does not belong to us. Rumour says he secretely and unlawfully sold some portions of the land and took money from different people promising them the land. He does so many things to intimidate us now including cutting and removing and stealing the fence. It is a battle I am hopeful to win by God's grace. It is quite tiring I wont lie but I have faith in God. I request that you stand with me in prayer as the authorities are dealing with the issue. Please pray with me also for our safety with the kids because my ex husband is a violent person. In advance I thank you for your support and prayers.
Received April 3, 2019

Marriage Restoration

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 18 times
Father in heaven i want a total restoration of your peace,joy,love and understanding in my marriage I want a changed heart for my husband I want every spirit of anger and bitterness to be taken away from my marriage
Received April 3, 2019

Financial/Ministerial Breakthrough

Submitted by: Michael Oniyide
Prayed for 25 times
Pls pray with me. I need God's breakthrough and enlargement in my finance and ministry. Thanks, Opeyemi Oniyide.
Received March 31, 2019

Powerful Prayer Warriors Needed

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 24 times
To be given an abundance of money at one time that will allow me to get what I need and what I want. Lack of money has always been an issue. Not because of debt but instead just not enough to pay the bills and have money let over to save or do to something I like. I have had to give up many apartments that I enjoyed living in because if this very reason. Job I currently have doesn't pay enough and even though I try to apply for a better paying position I'm denied. I'm trying to believe that if I believe in the Lord I can move any obstacle out my way. It's hard when all your life you have had to fight to get what little bit you have. People assuming that life has been good to you when it fact you had to fight to get what is yours. I don't know if I'm being held back because of Satan or some other spirit. I need prayer for God to show myself mighty in opening doors for me and my daughter who currently lives in an unsafe room with her 2 year old son. We both are living in environments that we don't want and we need prayer warriors to help us get to a better place and a better life all around...Thank you and God bless you
Received March 28, 2019


Submitted by: ROSE EJIKE
Prayed for 31 times
giving thanks to God for all his marvelous work. For a new job.
Received March 8, 2019


Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 37 times
Please intercede on my behalf in the following areas: - That the Lord will deliver me from the spirit of delay/stagnation - Lord give me my overdue promotion at work - deliver me from attacks on my finances in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen
Received March 7, 2019


Submitted by: Michelle Wade
Prayed for 19 times
Please pray for the salvation of mom, dad, Satoshi, Aonna, Joans, Sugimori, Shigeru, Junichi, Heather, Laury, Amy, Howard, Brian, Devon, Ted,Harry,Kevin,Chris,Jude,Mark (2 Marks),Ashley,Natalie and Marcus.
Received February 24, 2019

For me to pass my jamb in flying color and to have admission

Submitted by: Agnes Akpan
Prayed for 8 times
Lord have been crying for three year now and I don't know what to say again Lord help me me to pass my jamb this year and to gain admission into the university of uyo this year and to study my dream course I know I ve sin against u in so many way, by my word, by my actions I even diny u please forgive me Do this for me if truly you are the God the answer prayers
Received February 18, 2019

Marriage Restoration

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 10 times
Prayer for God to Save my Husband Marreko and rescue him from the trap of the enemy and his cohorts. I pray for a clean heart and spirit for my husband and give him the strength to turn to God and away from darkness. Pray he has a burning desire to commit to his marriage and family. In Jesus Holy name I ask that God Will be Done!
Received February 18, 2019
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