Prayer is Effective

Have you ever got to a place in your life where you feel like something is missing? This could probably be due to a connection problem. You might be disconnected from Jesus Christ as a result of your connection to the world. Prayer and fasting can help restore your broken relationship with Jesus; thereby setting your life back on track again.

Prayer links us to God

The more time you spend with someone, the more confidence you build in the person. The same is true for God. The more time you spend with God, the more your relationship and faith in Him will grow.
Our prayer ministry brings people closer to Jesus Christ. New Generation Chapel teaches Christians to understand the authority in the name of Jesus and confidently apply it to everyday situations.

This page highlights the various prayer strategies and points.

Prayer Request Submission Form

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Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. Matthew 18 verse 19.
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Prayer Requests

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Standing for marriage

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 7 times
Requesting for prayers to release the strange woman out of my husband's life and restore our marriage.
Received January 26, 2019


Submitted by: li cross
Prayed for 8 times
Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, thank you.
Received January 26, 2019

Prayer Request

Submitted by: Theresa Udoh
Prayed for 6 times
I want God to bless me with open doors. I lost my Job in 2013 and since then no Job. I want Gods visitation and financial breakthrough. Divine healing in my body soul and spirit. God should give me the ability to know him more in Jesus mighty name Amen.
Received January 24, 2019

Financial breakthrough and marital settlement

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 9 times
I am writing this from Nigeria. I cam across your 2019 prayer points and I prayed them and had peace..... Please pray for me cause am going through stagnation in all areas of my life.. I need spiritual deliverance.
Received January 24, 2019

a buyer of the house

Submitted by: nancy langat
Prayed for 20 times
Prayer Request ihave a house to sell but ihave not gotten a buyer 2years i need buyer urgently
Received January 18, 2019


Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 13 times
Deliver my family from poverty fear limitations anti social behavior mental illness
Received January 18, 2019

Request for my business

Submitted by: Myrtle Dwyer
Prayed for 13 times
I am writing to you from Jamaica where my company is located. For seven years, our business has shown severe declined and we have made several adjustments and rebranded. We owe money and desire debt-freedom and increase as we contribute greatly to God's work. I crave your prayers greatly.
Received January 18, 2019


Submitted by: Uzochukwu Maxwell
Prayed for 12 times
2019 PRAYER REQUEST. 1. Father, I want you to bless me with over 100 million in this year 2019 2. I pray for God grace to rebuild my faith in God and keep to it in this 2019 3. I pray for grace to and wisdom to invest on business that will give me daily, monthly and yearly income in this 2019 4. I pray that God gives me a permanent stay abroad in this 2019 5. I pray for divine health upon my life, my children, my wife and my family in this year 2019 6. I pray for financial blessings to build houses for widows, Buy a car for my pastor, support the needy and empower the youths to be established 7. I pray for God’s grace to be a great man, this year 2019 is my year of greatness, I shall be recognized state wide, nationally and globally. 8. Father, I pray for connection to my destiny helpers, God bless my destiny helpers so they could extend their hands of blessings to me. 9. I pray against any spirit of accident, premature death, sickness upon my life and my family.
Received January 17, 2019

Attack on finances

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 16 times
I am sending a prayer request regarding my financial situation, I feel like my finances are constantly under some form of attack or another. I am working and making money but there seems to be something always coming up and creating debts. I got married last year August after waiting for years to get married and the attacks seemed to intensify on my finances. The Lord always makes a way but things just seems to be happening on and on. I got in 2 car accidents after, I have never gotten in any car accidents in all my life. The tenant I rented out my property to is not paying rent as should so my finances have been drained plus trying to get them out of my place. I live in Canada the laws here support the tenants and not the landlord. so please join with me and pray that the laws here rule in my favour to have them evicted out of my place and that my finances turn around.
Received January 14, 2019

Restoration of my marriage

Submitted by: Anonymous
Prayed for 21 times
Help me pray for my husband,He brought another woman in our house and chased me and our son who is 6months old away.we are currently on separation.And the same woman has been sending me texts to insult and humiliate me and she has vowed to see me divorced.But i believe in God i shall not get divorced please help me in prayers.
Received January 12, 2019
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